Barclays/PriceRite, Devious Camera Mongers, Strike Again

Barclay’s Photo employees are a pile of snivelling scum bucket sleazebags not fit to clean the sluice gate of a pig factory killing floor.

Despite being written up in the New York Times and Forbes for their brutish intimidation against customers who speak out after being defrauded, the underworldly photo shop is at it again and eBay is on their side.

Read what new deeds these dastards may be up to, after the jump…

Chip L writes:

    “Our good friends at Price Rite / Barclays Photo are at it again- thanks for your recent posts on these scumbags! I bought a digital camera from them off eBay a short time ago in a rush, and after Googling their new name of Barclays was shocked to see what I’d found. The customer service number I had for them didn’t work, and I was convinced I’d been scammed. However, the camera arrived five days later.

    I left neutral feedback for them, but urged others to Google Barclays Photo. Shortly after the post went up, the phone calls started! One of their goons called and told me how everything in their past had just been a big “misunderstanding”, “due to a disgruntled employee”, etc. He wanted me to remove my feedback, even offering me instructions on how to (lie) and tell eBay it was all a mistake. I told him I’d think about it.

    After I went back through all their listings again, it was clear these folks were scum. When he called yesterday (for the 8th time), I told him the post would stand and hung up.

    This is where the fun began! Baryclays has now:

    – Left negative feedback for ME!
    – Is claiming I never paid for the item – even though there’s a clear PayPal transaction!
    -Managed to get eBay to pull my feedback about them by saying I’d posted a URL – which I hadn’t!

    I’ve complained high and low to eBay to let them know what has happened, and I’m going to be shouting this from the rooftops if they let this stand. TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW – STAY AWAY FROM BARYCLAYS!!”



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  1. Paul D says:

    eBay feedback is sacrosanct.

    They will fight you tooth and nail before they remove or change a feedback message. You have a better chance of getting Bill O’Reilly to fact check, or Fred Durst to stop sucking.

  2. non-meat-stick says:

    must have been pretty easy for Barclays to have them remove it. Probably the same goons…

  3. I believe in the rule of law and reasonable people working things out and all that gay stuff, but not a day goes by when I don’t weigh up the possible gain in quality of life that’d come from disregarding those beliefs and just hiring some dudes to go and mess certain people up.

    Slitting throats is just so… direct. Efficient. Not to mention satisfying.

    Of course, such obviously correct solutions generally lead to an average 67% tax rate somehow combined with utter lawlessness. Dammit.

  4. OkiMike says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  5. bjoutdoors says:

    I ordered a camera from Barclays because a buddy from South Africa asked me to. The charged my account but didn’t ship. Then they called to say that I of course knew, like everyone does, that although the lenses are autofocxus, the camera is not. I said cancel the order. They didn’t credit my account until after lots of phone calls they credited my AMEX account for all but about 30.00 which they said was for shipping. Refer back to my second line. Note the words “didn’t ship”? Now after I wouldn’t be bullied into giving them good feedback I’ve decidsed to go after them tooth and nail. In fact, I’m going after EBAY and AMEX too because if yoiu don’t side with me 100% on this after they have committed these acts against me, then you must be siding with them. There ain’t no “sitting on the fence” allowed here. As soon as I get back from Africa in late April I will be putting togther a commercial for Barcklay and all the other names they’ve gone under, AMEX, and EBAY. This commercial, and I know they will not like it, will be played on my weekly TV show on Fox Sports Net. They can keep the 30.00, send the 30.00, or even send me 300.00-it doesn’t matter. Until I tire of it, which could take years, I will make it my business to hurt their business. In fact, I’m going to make a game out of it and see how many times they scream “UNCLE” at which points I will just go after them harder. When AMEX and EBAY drops them, and they declare bankruptcy, and most of them are in jail, I will renew my efforts to put the hurt on them. The more I can hurt them, the more I’ll be pleased and the more I’ll find new ways to
    screw with them. Biggest mistake they made was trying to shout me down on the phone. They give no respect so I’m going to make it my hobby to see how much I can teach them about being disrespected. Damn, I’m already having a good time!!!

  6. flylooper says:

    Boy, thank God I found this site. I was about to buy a *very* pricey SLR digital camera and was seriously considering this outfit. No more!

    Thanks. You probably saved me a lot of grief.

  7. tarziz says:

    Barclays photo is the worst company you can find on ebay. Look like I’m not alone to think that. I bought a camera from them and leave a bad feedback because of the shipping cost and time. 30 min later, Jack phone me and told me that is gonna arrange everything and said that he will give me back 60 box for the shipping cost. After a week no reply and no money back. I phoned them and their %$”%?*! employee (John Korzine)told me that I should’nt have gave them a bad feed back and now they have the control of the situation and they send me a mail telling me that I did’nt pay the camera….what a bad company… they looking for trouble and I wont let them go. Hope ebay will stop their business cause I think they will continu on other customers…. And if you don’t speak english very well (like me) be prepare. I suggest you to tape the conversation like I did. Hope this company will close soon as possible!

  8. torytory says:

    Barclay Photo, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways:

    1. I hate that I didn’t do my homework. Wait, that one’s my fault, so let’s start again.

    1. The way you claim you only take payment over the phone and make me wait for 10 minutes on hold before I can pay for something that would have taken me 30 seconds online. You don’t even mention PayPal, and when I bring it up you “can transfer me to that department, but it will take 2-3 days to process.”

    2. As soon as I pay over the phone, you send me an ebay invoice that I apparently could have used to pay online. Calling was to “begin priority processing”, it claims.

    3. You inform me that the memory card that comes in the package I purchased will cause a marked lag time in between shots, presumably so that you can sell me a better one, though I don’t let you get that far. (I have still not been able to substantiate that claim, or to find any reference to card types called “eleven one” and “eleven three”. Anyone know?)

    4. When I tell you I don’t want to purchase anything extra, you say that’s fine and then go on to try to sell me an extended warranty. When I say I don’t want that either, you point out that I won’t be able to purchase it later, apparently when I come to my senses and realize my mistake.

    5. I finally get through to you that I don’t want to buy anything else and am in fact regretting the one purchase I have made, and you tell me that you’ll give me free expedited shipping if I leave ebay feedback today with your name in it, you who has ignored my refusals of extra purchases, you whose strong hispanic accent I can hardly understand, partly because like many fluent English-as-a-second-language speakers, you think you should speak as fast in English as you do in Spanish. Not so. I am quite tempted to tell you that I will definitely leave feedback today, and that it will be oh-so-negative, but I restrain myself and simply say that I won’t leave feedback until I receive the camera.

    6. I spend my day angry and frustrated and desperately hoping that the damn camera arrives in the near future and that I can then drop the whole thing and learn from this mistake.

    7. I hate that you offered a package whose price stirred me up into an I want it I want it I want it American consumerist frenzy.

    8. I hate that I didn’t do my homework, did I mention that? I think I’ll return to blaming you on that one. Fool me once, shame on you. There will be no twice, and hopefully my once will prevent someone else’s.

    Isn’t there SOMETHING that can be done about this company? I reported to ebay the company’s request for feedback in exchange for free shipping, but since they don’t specifically ask for POSITIVE feedback, something tells me it’s not an egregious enough violation of rules.

  9. scwright says:

    On 1/6/08 I purchased a lens for my new Canon 5D camera that I had purchased else where. Shortly after ordering, I found this website and became quite concerned. After extensive research on my part, I came to find out that the lens that the salesman said would work with the 5D actually didn’t. It took three more calls to Barclay’s to get the order stopped, and they would only do it if I also left a good report on ebay about them. Even without the influence of what I read on this site my skin crawled with contempt for these people at their attempts to remain in good standing on eBay.
    Then I was also told that I would need to reorder a correct lens for my camera to receive a credit. After taking their advice, one more time, they again were misinformed about what lenses would actually work. I really didn’t want to continue doing business with Barclay’s but felt that it would be the only way to get my money’s worth. Come to find out once again that they were wrong. This time, after several more calls, and with promises from them that a manager would call me but never did, I was able to get out from under having to do business with them. I count myself lucky at the overall outcome, and am still nursing my very agitated ulcer as a result of my experience with Barclay Photo!

  10. mjek2702 says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM BARCLAYS PHOTO! I made the mistake of buying a camera body from them off ebay. THey pulled the classic bait-and-switch where they told me I had to call them and gave them all sorts of information before they could ‘process’ the transaction. In all the things I have bought on ebay, I have never had to do this and I was not willing to do it now! I told them I would ONLY complete the order through paypal and ebay, but I was willing to pay. I don’t think they are used to people arguing with them – they are manupulative, dishonest and all together BAD NEWS. We agreed to not complete the transaction, but only if I left them positive feedback! The nerve!! I would not agree to lie in my feedback so other people could get taken advantage of. I did however agree to leave NO feedback, which in my book is better than negative, but this was not good enough for them. They took out a dispute against me which was promptly dropped after I explained the situation. SOooo, I left negative feedback basically saying “Don’t take my word for it-just google barclay’s photo”. Is this negative? So now they have opened a “feedback abuse” claim on ebay. Does ebay even look into these things AT ALL or can anyone get their negative feedback removed for any reason and continue to rip people off? If you look at their feedback rating you will see a lot of withdrawels, which I assume are from bullying and people just not wanting to deal with it anymore. I am going to stick to my guns, they should not be allowed to conduct business on ebay or anywhere else. All ebay has to do is the same thing I did-google their company name!!

  11. zeiny says:

    I ordered a Canon XTi bundle back from them off of e-bay. When I had questions regarding my order, they said they would call me back. Never did. I tried sending it back becuase I didn’t have a good feeling that I was getting a new item. I called AMEX and they said send it back to the return address that was on it. They took care of it and I got my money back minus $60 the stuck me with for something I don’t know about. I left negative feedback and the GM called me to work it out. He promised he would credit me the $60 if I remove the negative feedback. Should have seen that coming….he never processed the credit. When I called him back, he said he would have someone call me back. Never did. I complained to e-Bay and they also blew me off saying I cannot post a second comment. Moral of the story…do your homework on them before you buy. They aren’t crediable. They tried sellling me an extended warrenty based off of misleading information. They said my Canon only had a 90 day warranty. It is actually 1 year. They are SCUM!

  12. PHOTOSHOCK says:

    BARCLAY / DIGITAL DISTRIBUTORS WITH YET ANOTHER VENOMOUS STRIKE. On a Sunday, I received a high pressure telephone call from “Eddie” Ext.201, to upgrade my Canon 40D camera package ordered on EBay AND to pay by credit card instead of PayPal, and to expect priority delivery in 2 days. A month later, my credit card has been charged and paid,but NO camera, NO tracking number was sent as promised, NO response to 4 EBay emails, and NO success reaching customer service after a 15′ telephone wait time both times. (This is definitely the short version of my whole story, which included a shouting match with one of the female “Barclay Goons.”) I cancelled my credit card today with fears of misuse by these dudes, filed a charge dispute with my cc company, and plan to call the FTC 1-877-438-4338.
    I am so disgusted that I didn’t see it coming sooner. Fortunately, I live with and love a lot of good people…these guys would otherwise sour me on humanity.

  13. JanetButeo says:

    Thanks to everyone that has posted here. I am considering buying a D-700 and, like many, have been shopping around. The least expensive price is not necessarily the best deal. I most definitely will not order anything from Barclays.