Barclays/PriceRite, Devious Camera Mongers, Strike Again

Barclay’s Photo employees are a pile of snivelling scum bucket sleazebags not fit to clean the sluice gate of a pig factory killing floor.

Despite being written up in the New York Times and Forbes for their brutish intimidation against customers who speak out after being defrauded, the underworldly photo shop is at it again and eBay is on their side.

Read what new deeds these dastards may be up to, after the jump…

Chip L writes:

    “Our good friends at Price Rite / Barclays Photo are at it again- thanks for your recent posts on these scumbags! I bought a digital camera from them off eBay a short time ago in a rush, and after Googling their new name of Barclays was shocked to see what I’d found. The customer service number I had for them didn’t work, and I was convinced I’d been scammed. However, the camera arrived five days later.

    I left neutral feedback for them, but urged others to Google Barclays Photo. Shortly after the post went up, the phone calls started! One of their goons called and told me how everything in their past had just been a big “misunderstanding”, “due to a disgruntled employee”, etc. He wanted me to remove my feedback, even offering me instructions on how to (lie) and tell eBay it was all a mistake. I told him I’d think about it.

    After I went back through all their listings again, it was clear these folks were scum. When he called yesterday (for the 8th time), I told him the post would stand and hung up.

    This is where the fun began! Baryclays has now:

    – Left negative feedback for ME!
    – Is claiming I never paid for the item – even though there’s a clear PayPal transaction!
    -Managed to get eBay to pull my feedback about them by saying I’d posted a URL – which I hadn’t!

    I’ve complained high and low to eBay to let them know what has happened, and I’m going to be shouting this from the rooftops if they let this stand. TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW – STAY AWAY FROM BARYCLAYS!!”


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