Looking to buy an HDTV? Overwhelmed by nerd ninjas throwing 1080i ninja stars from behind darkened computer monitors, chuckling as you trip over cords and incomprehensible guidebooks?

Penned by Gawker’s own Joel Johnson, here’s, “the HDTV Primer that’s anything but comprehensive, but short enough you can stick it in your pocket on your next trip to the showroom.” *

HDTV Guide: The short and sweet version” [Lifehacker]

*Disclaimer: May not actually solve your nerd ninja problem. But at least you’re sitting pretty with an HDTV while they’re still skulking along dirty rooftops.


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  1. Paul D says:

    I love Joel’s prose.

    “a big pile of nerd”

    “hooking up your Xbox 360 to your new HDTV via S-Video will end in tears. Those tears will be yours, rendered in stunning low-definition.”

    That there’s good writin’.

    One thing though. No mention of DLP? I favored a Samsung DLP to avoid screen burn-in.

  2. Kluv says:

    Might want to check out this article from Broadcast Engineering: Plasma Burn-in a Myth?

  3. matto says:

    Warning: this article was written by someone with both an obvious learning disability, and delusions that he has any idea what he’s talking about. Take his lousy advice at your own risk. After all, you’re only making a two kilobuck purchase.

    Hint: any asshat stating authoritatively that you don’t “need” 1080i has no grasp at all of the technology. But that’s part and parcel with technology journalism.

  4. They should call it Hype-Definition TV.

  5. Joel Johnson says:

    Thanks, Matto. I think you’ve missed the point of the article: Just telling people what to fucking buy. If you want to argue details, you’re already missing the point.

  6. Ben Popken says:


  7. OkiMike says:

    I can’t read the link because it’s blocked by my work’s BlueCoat filter, but I might add that there’s no point in owning an HDTV if it’s not 1080i capable.

    And Paul D’s comment about hooking up an XBOX with S-Video cables is spot on! Why oh why won’t Microsoft make an HDMI cable for their HDTV customers is beyond me. At least the XBOX 360 comes with High-def “S” cables unlike the first XBOX which charged $20 for them…

  8. PanicRoom says:

    I know (from personal experience) that the worst thing when starting a blog is writing great material that no one reads (apart from the four or five who actually know the blog exists). Then a couple of months later readership is up and you’re thinking: ‘Hey, good that you’re here but you missed some great stuff from the early days’.


    Re-run old old stories if you want, even in Reader’s Digest “short and sweet version”. But at least give a link back to the original “long and savory” version, so people can read the original article. After all, Joel did put the effort into it. Either that, or get the Gawker overlords to create some decent archiving on the site so people can rediscover old content on their own (the site map is worse than useless).