Ask The Consumerists: Getting Out of Credit Card Debt

Ah, to be in college again, free of care, living life to the hilt, and mired in thousands of dollars of credit card debt .

In his third year at college, L.S. writes he has managed to get himself into owing a spot or two. He’s got $1300 on his Chase card at 23.74% APR and $850 on his Citicard at 17.74%. He makes $400 a month at his part time job.

CapitolOne’s Smartswitch debt consolidation program is looking attractive, says L.S.

Consumerist readers, older and wiser or young and precociously fiscally responsible, what should L.S. do?

Bonus Link: The credit card debt visualizer generates a pretty colored picture of your debt and how long it will take to pay.

UPDATE: L.S’s minimum payment for Chase is $42 and $22.50 for Citi. He pays around $100/month in groceries and lives on campus, so there’s no rent.

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