UPDATE: Requiring Minimum Credit Card Purchases is a Violation

Our article on the minimum credit card fees charged at Amy’s Ice Cream generated quite a little uproar. Amy is pictured, left, helping award Lonnie Williams with the “Best Transition” small business award in Austin. It’s made from left-over toffee ice cream.

Steve, Amy’s partner in the ice cream shoppe and husband, forwarded an email he received from someone who reads The Consumerist.

“This is a copy of an email I received this weekend. Nice people,” he says…

Dunk your head in the brine-flavored ice-cream , after the jump…

“Dear Amy,

What I really love about Amy’s is…

You really need to go to school and take some classes on business. You have no idea how to treat customers. I read your response to “Mike’s” letter about credit card fees. You are a mean bitch who has no business sense what so ever. I will never eat your icecream and will encourage other no to as well. Really, get some lessons on customer service.

We replied to Steve, “Welcome to the unfiltered horror of the Internet.”

Cluck, cluck, such scamps you are. However, if you want to do something constructive, send a similarly pointed letter to VISA and ask them to stop charging so many fees to process transactions.

In contrast, here are some quotes about Amy’s Ice Cream from their website:

“Amy believes that a customer deserves more than just ice cream.” – Wall Street Journal

“…sells terrific products and gives excellent service.” – Inc.

“Even more than the ice cream, the scoopers and their trademark schtick…keep the customers coming back for more.” – Texas Monthly.

Perhaps the customer service acumen behind the scoop should be applied more liberally to their email exchanges with customers.

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