After Losing Student’s Money, Citibank Badgers Him

Joseph is an American student stranded in in Germany after his meagre monies just got jacked via a Citibank security breach, one that Citibank would like to blame him for.

He claims that when he called Citibank to resolve the issue, the customer service rep was indifferent, insensitive, belligerent and seemed to be trying to get Joseph to make entrapping statements to make it look like it was Joseph’s fault the money got stolen. Joseph writes:

    “…being one of those fancy jerks who likes to eat daily, I wondered if Citibank’s boast that they replace your card anywhere in the world and then give you up to $200 (or something like that) for emergency money was true. Andrew curtly assured me it was not the case in fraud matters.”

If anyone is in Germany, we’re sure Joseph could use a sandwich or something.

Read the full story at Joseph’s blog, The Humble Arbiter.

UPDATE: Jesse got some relief, thanks to his parents, no thanks to Citibank, after the jump. Ah, to be a student again, completely at the mercy of large, incorporated, worldly entities, yet quickly found in the rook of a parent’s wing…

Jesse writes:

    “I’ve went a head and updated the blog. This is after I talked to Citibank, and they wouldn’t let me talk to the higher level manager. I didn’t tell her that 15,000 will be reading daily, though. She told me that they could of course send me a card, that it would take only three days. But then she said that they would have to send the pin number, because the account was compromised, separately, and through the post. Long story short, I would have a ATM card in three days, but it would take me “about two to three weeks” to receive the atm code “through the airmail.” Great.

    I am in okay shape now, my parents have read my blog and are insisting on sending me money. It is a shame that I always have to crawl back to the nest, hey, but what can I do?

    Thank you for picking me up, it is satisfying not to be yelling in the dark.”