UPDATE: Calls From A Stranger

Courtney tips that she’s received a Spanish spam call, this time from 301-392-8219, based out of La Plata, Maryland and registered to Verizon. We’ve also received reports about 305-503-8068. If anyone gets calls from these numbers, report it to your cell phone company and even the police. The police have the ability to access the records to trace these calls back to their source.

Most likely it’s a possessed pinata floating in a pile of rotting spam carcasses, jerry-rigged ethernet cables plugged into its demonic, cackling brain.

As we reported earlier, scumbags are using auto-dialers hooked up to hundreds of phone lines, calling people up in Spanish and telling them they’ve won a car and they just need their social security number to confirm the prize. The scammers order service from a mobile phone operator just to get a phone number to plug into the caller id for the calling device.

After getting your social security number, a variety of frauds and identity thefts can be perpetuated.

Verizon has shown an appetite for shutting these guys down, perhaps they will trainwreck this latest scammer.

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UPDATE: Ryan just received one from (661)375-3050 from Delano, CA registered to Arrival Communications.