Dish Network Charges For MIA Satellite Boxes

Remember the poor sucker who racked up $1800 dollars worth of phone bills when his isolated Tivo phoned home? A reader wrote in, mentioning that the Dish Network Satellite Service also has to phone home for updates. So you just disconnect the phone line, right? Wrong.

From reader neobolts: “I’m not sure about TiVO, but disconnecting your phone line from your Dish Network satellite receiver can result in one of Dish Network’s favorite hidden fees…”

Find out how after the jump…

The way it works is that your receiver dials out on a monthly basis, and keeps trying again if it fails. If the company’s monitoring computers don’t hear from your receiver for a full month, they pile on a $5 fee for certain models. These models are the ones where you can run two TVs off one box. Tired of people splitting the cost of satellite with their neighbor, the company began this aggressive monitoring/fee system.

“Additional Outlet Programming Access Fee: A $5.00 per month additional outlet programming access fee will be charged to your account for each dual tuner receiver (models 322, 522, 625, and ViP622 DVR) activated. This fee will be waived on a monthly basis for each such receiver that DISH Network confirms has been continuously connected to your same land-based phone line. DISH Network’s confirmation process shall be the sole method utilized to determine if your additional outlet programming access fee(s) will be waived;”


Who would have thought you could be charged for not using a company’s service?

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