Reader Actually Likes Coke Bl ?k

Unbelievably, one of our readers actually likes Coke Bl
?k, the unique cup of coffee brewed with Coca-Cola instead of water! Clearly suffering from some sort of head trauma or an afternoon deeply inhaling at the glue factory, Courtney W. writes:

remember that post a few weeks ago about Coke Blak? well, I tried some of it out of sheer skeptical curiosity, and as it turns out I love it. I mean, really love it. as in, “I just bought a 4-pack at Walgreen’s”, love it. and now I’m afraid it’ll get discontinued because so many people either assume it’s gross without trying it, or try it & then think it’s gross.

if you’ve ever had Canifield’s chocolate soda, it tastes kind of like that, only, you know, with coffee.

again, as I mentioned earlier, this is the biggest nonupdate of all time, but I thought I’d report back since I hadn’t even heard of this stuff until the Consumerist post.

So there you have it, friends. An anonymous stranger on the Internet likes Coke Bl
?k! And actually, we’re just teasing her. As consumers who enjoy all sorts of weird foods, like pickle flavored potato chips, peanut butter and bacon sandwiches and Dr. Pepper (also fondly known as “Liquid Ashtray”), we’re no stranger to eclectic tastes. So support Courney W. and buy yourself a four pack of Coke Bl

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?k Effervescent Coffee Crap Debut


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  1. Drive Blind says:

    You’d better not be saying anything bad about dill pickle chips. There’s nothing better for a long car ride.

  2. Paul D says:


    Dr. Pepper is the nectar of the Gods.

    (PS: I’m partial to salt & vinegar kettle chips myself.)

  3. airship says:

    Was this email’s return address ‘’?

  4. droppedD says:

    yeah… as bad as the idea sounds, and as bad as the name is, the stuff actually tastes pretty good.

  5. AcidReign says:

    …..Dr. Pepper is an excellent tooth-rotting drink. It’s even better when mixed half and half with Cuervo Gold…

  6. airship says:

    Dr. Pepper is grainy beet sugar dissolved in thick corn syrup, flavored with prunes that have been passed through the digestive tract of a large, sick mammal. You can actually cut Dr. Pepper with a knife.
    Which, of course, explains why it is the national drink of Texas.
    But dill pickle potato chips are awesome.

  7. Jon says:

    Can anyone tell me where to find some in lower Manhattan? Haven’t seen it anywhere and I want to give it at least one sip.

  8. Coca-Cola Blak is DELICIOUS. I’m not a random stranger either, I’m a Consumerist stalwart. It’s the perfect mid morning drink. My only problem with it is that it comes in 8 oz. bottles. C’mon guys, that shit’s for toddlers.

    Want proof? Here’s an email I got this morning:

    “Thank you for contacting The Coca-Cola Company, Mr. McElroy. We are always thrilled to hear from our loyal consumers and are glad that you took the time to share your comments about Coca-Cola Blâk.

    As a consumer-oriented Company, feedback from our consumers is extremely important to us.

    Industry and Consumer Affairs
    The Coca-Cola Company”

    No, Janice. Thank you.

  9. dukerayburn says:

    Paul D, one day your tongue will rot from your head and shrivel up on the ground. Stop torturing it with your horrible tastes.

    Dr. Pepper is horrible, I agree. Drinking even a little bit of it takes work, and that’s not what drinking a soda should be. Also, try it warm. You may never drink again.

  10. Bubba Barney says:

    One one of the blogs I read, they talk about how it would make a great ice cream soda companion [black cow].

  11. Timbojones says:

    Hot Dr. Pepper is actually a very effective remedy for a sore throat. Nuke a small glass for 20 seconds or so and gulp it down. Your sore throat will disappear completely. It only lasts about a minute and a half, but those are precious seconds of sweet sweet relief.

  12. Juancho says:

    Dr. Pepper will give you serious gutrot if you drink too much of it.

    And as a lover of all things malt vinegar, try the Cape Cod Sea Salt and Vinegar potato chips.

  13. Joel Johnson says:

    I like salt & vinegar Coke.