Bitching Gets Comcast Fixed

Empower thyself, consumer. Jonathan writes:

    It was brought to my attention that our local county government has someone who deals with complaints about cable television, internet, phone, etc. All in all after contacting this person in government, Comcast got it’s act together. We started hearing from Customer Service Managers, Supervisors among other high level important people. This has gone a long way in having a lot of our Comcast related problems fixed.

Squeaky pussycat gets the tuna fish.


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  1. Bubba Barney says:

    ‘Squeeky Pussycat’ sounds like a band name. Or the name of a porno. Plus isn’t it ‘squeaky’? Such a fun word to say.

    Word origin:

    squeak (v.):

    ‘1387, probably of imitative origin, similar to Middle Swedish skväka “to squeak, croak.” The noun is from 1664; sense of “narrow escape” is from 1822. Squeaky clean in fig. sense is from 1972, probably from advertisements for dishwashing liquid.’