Indian Telemarketers Having Nervous Breakdowns

The US and Australia rank among the highest in oral abusers of Indian telemarketers.

    “Call-center workers in India are having nervous breakdowns after being abused by fed-up Australians.

    “Some companies are regretting outsourcing this business to India because of the damage it does to their products’ reputation,” said James Organ, director of Australian research organisation”

The article goes on to suggest that racism and xenopobia may play some part in the former former and present British colonies’ frustration with Indian telemarketers.

We think, however, annoyance is a universal language.

We’re Stressing Indian Callers” [The Sunday Mail via Digg]


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    So that means my call center will now revert back to the Oklahoma State Prison System? Sweet!

  2. PanicRoom says:

    “racism and xenopobia may play some part in the former British colonies frustration”

    Xenophobia – check
    Racism – double check
    ‘former’ British colony? – I thought you were talking about Australia. I assume you mean the US here. Last I checked, Australia still hadn’t voted on independence from England (despite having its tongue so far up America’s arse).

  3. fizzer fits says:

    “Xenophobia – check
    Racism – double check”

    Hrrrmmm… I’m *sure* racism/xenophobia plays a part in the grievance, but I think a lot of it is also a lack of ability for these workers to do the job due to *very* high turnover rates.

    I had a friend that was very involved in moving a major company’s customer support operation from the U.S. over to India; one of their primary problems was that they would invest a certain amount of training in their customer service reps only to have them move to a higher paying rival company as soon as their contract was up. The rival company would only spend a fraction of employee training costs. As a result, by the time employees where starting to get their balance in the original company, they would leave and the end-users (us) would get stuck with some poor schmuck that would have had only a couple of days experience on the phones. And, of course, these short lived customer reps have the added difficulty of doing all of this under the umbrella of a foreign tongue and it just makes the quality of the service abysmal. You don’t need to be racist to hate bad service (though I’m sure it helps).

  4. PanicRoom says:

    That’s a good point, fizzer. Mine though was picking up an issue in the article: that a difficult situation is just made worse by a very poor cultural disposition toward foreigners.

  5. We Australians are, of course, on the whole racist, just like the residents of every other nation on earth.

    I assure you, however, that it is not racism that fills my heart with hatred when I pick up the phone to hear a long pause, then a voice reading some script or other the content of which I have difficulty discerning, thanks to the strangely low sensitivity that Indian phone headset mics seem so often to have.

    Also, telemarketing is still quite a novelty for most Australians, and many of us are therefore quite surprised to discover that we’ve been called away from whatever it was we were doing to receive a muffled solicitation with an earth-moon round-trip delay.

    There’s probably a hatred curve to be drawn here, with extremes both at the not-called-very-often and called-35-times-a-day ends.