DoubleShot Coffee Considers Starbucks Capitulation

You might remember DoubleShot Coffee owner Brian Franklin, who is being sued by Starbucks for trademark violation. They claim they “own” the name of the common industry term “doubleshot.” They also claim they own the trademarks on “coffee, the complete works of Herman Melville, your immortal soul and your wife’s loins.”

Anyway, depressing news. Brian Franklin looks like he might seriously be considering giving up the good fight.

    Time is drawing short and some critical decisions need to be made. Many people have recommended that I just submit to Starbucks and change the name of my business. They have too much money and could squeeze me out of business, right? Maybe I’m an idealist, but in my mind this isn’t just about a little caf

    in Tulsa Oklahoma. This is about what is right and wrong. This is about a corporation trying to live above the rules, and lay claim to words that have been in the coffee industry for a century. I’m not the kind of guy to lay down and let the schoolyard bully push me around.

    The response to the attorneys will happen this week. Should I press the issue and take a chance of being sued? If I am sued, where will I get the money for a lawyer? Will someone trustworthy of this case work pro bono? If I cannot find a lawyer, can I stand up for myself in court? I know I am right; and I know that I can clearly state the case. If I must have a lawyer for a lawsuit and do not have one, should I play it safe and negotiate backward? There is much to consider.

He’s right, it’s a tough choice, and Starbucks is depending not upon the legality of their claims but on bleeding him out of business far before it could get to trial. It’s easy for us to tell him he should stand up against Starbuck’s absurd bullying and strike a Davidesque blow against the colossus, but it’s a different thing entirely when you’ve got the well-being of your family and employees to think about.

Anyway, we think Brian could use a pat on the back. So if you’re in Tulsa, why not drop buy for a cup of joe and cheer Brian an attaboy for us. If you’re not, why not give him a call at 918-599-7700, voice your support and maybe order some coffee from him? Or just order from Brian direct?

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  1. Danilo says:

    Brian needs to start a blog from which he can tell the ongoing story of this harassment and solicit contributions to a legal defense fund.

    This is just the sort of bullying crap that is hot linkbait on the web these days. As Consumerist rightly points out, it’s certainly a tough choice with his family and employees’ ability to eat possibly hanging in the balance, but I hope that Brian can find a way to nail these bastards. Who knows — if he can establish the frivolity of their claim, couldn’t he obtain some money in return for all this trouble?

  2. Grady says:

    I was all set to order a little something from the guy to show my support, then I noticed the discount for Glenn Beck show listeners. It turns out the show he’s affiliated with is further right that o’reilly. That gets no love from me. In fact, most of the listeners of the show he’s promoting would tell him to either “suck it up and stop whining”, or, more likely, “if you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch”.

    Maybe this incident will lead him to change his mind.