U.S. Seeks to Silence Tax Evasion Prophet

In a blatant maneuver to put the “scur” into tax evaders, the Justice Department is seeking a court order against a Michigan couple promoting what the government says is the number one tax dodge scheme in America.

In his book “Cracking the Code” and on his website, Peter Eric Hendrickson, pictured in a polo shirt bearing the patch he designed, posits that just a twiddle bit of your income is taxable.

“The government has no claim against those dollars unless the government obtains a sworn statement from us that we have income as defined in the law,” said Hendrickson. The federal courts have rejected these arguments. Typical.

Five followers of Hendrickson’s teachings are being sued by the Justice Department for tax evasion. “Mr. Golson and his wife, Debra, wrote on their 2003 tax return that “for fear of I.R.S. retaliation,” Cisco Systems, his employer, “refuses to issue forms correctly listing” his $241,840 Cisco salary as not subject to tax,” reports the NYT.

The couple has a history of tax hatin’. In 1990 they mailed a bomb filled with tea, referencing the Boston Tea Party, to the IRS. It went kaboom and gave a postal worker a big booboo.

U.S. Seeks Order to End What It Calls a Tax Scheme” [NYT]


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  1. KevinQ says:

    The problem starts in that slogan:

    I’m the Sovereign Citizen; I make the rules.

    In fact, “sovereign citizens” do not make the rules. The U.S. is a republic. Elected officials make the rules, and then appointed judges interpret those rules. Citizens have no direct say in what rules apply, or what those rules mean.

    As an executive agency, the IRS has the power, granted to it by Congress and the President, to promulgate rules that have the same legal effect as any law. You can hate on the tax code all you want, but as soon as private citizens start trying to say that their interpretation is the law, they risk penalties and jail time.


  2. airship says:

    I hate the whole ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ crowd, because the focus is always on the ‘me’ part.
    Here, there are a whole bunch of homeowners who have put up ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flags to protest the proposed expansion of the road system through their properties. Of course, the roads are needed because of the new housing additions that have been built in their area.
    They didn’t protest when the homes were built, subsequently increasing the values of their properties, but they did when new roads were proposed that would invoke ’eminent domain’ to cross their properties.
    Did they think those new homes wouldn’t need infrastructure? Did they think they were going to profit without any sacrifice whatsoever?
    People are selfish bastards, which is why we need governments. If they weren’t, then everyone could be a ‘sovereign citizen’.