UPDATE: Calls From a Stranger, 954-678-8026

So this number is auto-dialing people across the nation and leaving marketing messages in Spanish and we’ve decided to try and track them down.

We just called the Ft. Lauderdale police at (954) 828-5700, pressing 6 to report a crime. We told the officer that we wanted to report some “harrassing phone calls.” After they got over the initial hump that it wasn’t taking place at an address, we weren’t actually victims and we didn’t live in Ft. Lauderdale, they took down our information and said an officer will call us back.

Not 20 minutes later, an officer did. We learned that you if you’ve been called by 954-678-8026, you need to call your police station for them to take the report. The locality of where the call was received has jurisdiction.

In the meantime, we’re working with one of readers to get the messages extracted from his phone. We’ll try and get that converted and uploaded so we can all partake in the joy. Hopefully, then too someone out there is fluent in Spanish and will translate its secrets.

UPDATE: Does anyone know how to extract messages from a T-Mobile phone? We need an easy way to get these messages from the handset to the Internet, while preserving as much of the fidelity as possible. The messages are said to already to be “garbled” and of “poor quality.”

UPDATE: Read how to get messages from your cellphone onto your computer.


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  1. mariser says:


    I’m fluent in Spanish. I’ll take a crack at it as soon as it is uploaded. even though I’m afraid it’ll be something boring and mundane.

  2. Building says:

    UNREAL! ive gotten a call from this number a bout a week ago.
    I googleed the area code and saw that it was in florida, im in california and dont know anyone there
    I called the number back and got a message in spanish. All’s i could make of it was that i could talk to someone by pressing 9. So i did ti and asked to talked to someone who speaks english, she kept repeating that “no ingles” and the hung up. I went to an online translator and taught myself to say, “i need to speak to someone who speaks english now”. I called and after a few rings asked my question, the lady said the same as before and hung up. I can’t believe this, haha. Fuck them