Sprint Launches Cellphone Tracking Service

Stalkers and overzealous parents, rejoice! Sprint has a new service “Family Locator Service” that allows you to track on an online map where a registered cellphone travels.

While this web-tech has been around for a while, it’s the first time that a major cell phone company is seamlessly integrating the tracking system into its service offering.

The service is $9.99 per month and allows up to four handhelds to be tracked via the web or a registered “Parent” phone.

Next step: Kids turn off their phones so their parents can’t find them. Next next: Cellphones put in homing device with its own battery. Next next next: Kids discover how to open phone and disable homing device. Next next next next: Parents scream “you disabled your homing device! you’re grounded!” Next next next next next: Kids remove homing device, place it in library. Next next next next next next: Cellphone makers cover device with tamperproof locking system that disables the phone if its removed. Next next next next next next next: Kids smash cellphone, develop telepathy.

Sprint Family Locator via Gizmodo.