Lose Your Phone Company

According to a cost-benefit analysis by Andrew Roublak, if everyone in North Canda switched to Vonage, they could save over $400 a year.

That’s in Canadian dollars, but still.

    “I’m going to run through a seemingly far-fetched but quite plausible scenario in which the grass-roots movement of internet telephony undermines and ultimately destroys Northwestel as a telecommunications company in the North.”

Dump the phone company and ask yourself, “Does the North need Northwestel?


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  1. I am/was a happy Vonage customer for a year and a half. Unlimited calls anywhere in the US and Canada plus a second line for my fax machine all for under $40 per month!

    Unfortunately, we just moved, and cable modem service is unavailable in our new apartment. DSL requires a land-line phone anyway, so AT&T/SBC has its grimey hands around my wallet again, and I have to smile and take it.