No-Name Tax Site Superior to H&R Block

John writes that he followed one of those free e-file links on the IRS website and clicked on H&R Block, because it was the only name he knew. After his mother’s passing, he had a little death benefits from IRAs and such.

“After punching in all my information,” he writes, “I was told I owed 2k in taxes, to which I replied “what the hell? My brother and sister paid like 500$ and both had their taxes prepared by professionals.”

John had an IRA with $700 in income attached but $14,000 invested. The 14k was not income and already been taxed. H&R Block couldn’t understand this, John claims and so he tried

They calculated his taxes correctly and he avoided H&R Block’s infamous hidden charges.

“Congrats,” says John of H&R Block, “lost a future customer.”


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  1. Kat2 says:

    Everyone’s criticizing H&R Block. This year was the first time I needed to fill out the long tax form instead of the EZ. I was having a problem with the H&R Block software, so I went to a branch. The woman there told me I qualified for the Earned Income Credit, therefore saving me from owing the IRS anything. And she didn’t even charge me – she just sent me back home with her card, and said if I got in another bind with the software, to call her.

    Maybe they do screw up a lot, and maybe people should avoid them – I know it would have cost me less to use my parents’ accountant than pay H&R Block. But this particular branch did help me out and save me some money.