Avoid H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Says Accountant

If you haven’t done your taxes, don’t go to H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt. That’s the advice we receive from Peter, a professional accountant. He says they will rip you off. And if they mess up, they’re not liable.

(Sheds some light on their callousness indifference to fixing Farkle’s tax return after their incompetence got it all screwed up and audited)

“I have seen utter stupidity in preparation, past advise and other incompetence that are forever doomed to the pile marked “AUDIT,” writes Peter. “Go to the local tax preparer, buy software, ask the bum on the street, but please don’t ever support these unqualified idiots that make us legit people look like fools.”

He also tells us, “Good luck in sticking it to the “man.”

Who knew accountants were so irascible?


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  1. mark duffy says:

    I was a proofreader at an NYC accounting firm for two years, and, honestly, I didn’t meet a single one I couldn’t have beaten the shit out of with one hand while doing my taxes with the other.

  2. Rick Dobbs says:

    Going to H&R Block just means that you’re paying some guy to fill out the H&R Block software for you. Though there are shining lights within the darkness of that corporate bunghole, for the most part is some bored housewife trying to make a few bucks at tax season who took a 3 day class on how to input data for them.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Mark, do you mean to say there was a time when you weren’t snorting caviar off the nipples of Streeters models?

  4. Juancho says:

    Yep, that’s pretty much why I why to get into the ad biz.

    I’m loathe to speak ill of others, but the folks I’ve seen working at H&R Block on occasion have been of dubious intelligence.

  5. jim_c says:

    Give me a break. Almost all taxes are prepared using software so at some point its just “data entry”. But beyond that is knowing the tax regulations well enough to get the maximum legal refund by taking advantage of every opportunity. And professional accountants don’t have a lock on that. I reviewed a CPA prepared return that failed to claim depreciation on rental property (pretty basic) costing the taxpayer several hundred dollars (in lost deductions and higher fees).
    BTW I work for Block and I’m not a bored housewife.

  6. burghgirl61 says:

    I am not a bored housewife, I have passed the CPA exam, and I worked for a CPA firm. I do not believe that a CPA firm does the CPE required to properly prepare a personal tax return and does make many errors, which are caught on “second looks” done by H&R Block. I have worked for a CPA firm, Jackson-Hewitt, and for H&R Block. I believe that H&R Block has the best by far tax preparation service because of their training of both first year preparers and their experienced preparers. People keep going back for years to their same preparers. All people do make mistakes, do not blame the firms, blame the people. And as far as the comment about CPA firms not taking depreciation, that is so true, I’ve seen it. And that is a basic item that is overlooked by an accounting firm that is not overlooked by a tax preparation firm using software, because it is prompted by the software…either Jackson Hewitt or Block. As for Turbo Tax or even Block’s online software, it’s buyer beware, it’s all up to the person data entering the information. I believe in allowing the professional doing the work. It is like me rebuiling my engine, that would be a bad thing since I have no experience working on cars. Does the average person keep up on tax laws…somehow I doubt it. That is why you should go to someone who does annual training. And in my profeesional opinion that is H&R Block.