Tax Return Refund Goes To Stranger

The Taxman Cometh, to lop off twenty to forty percent of your hide with their tax code machetes. So what better time than now for The Consumerist to focus on the various tax nightmares you might soon be facing!

Horror Story #1: We saw this Ask Metafilter thread, which starts with the question “How do I find a competent human at the IRS?” We’ll field that one: it’s not the competency qualification you’re going to have trouble with, it’s the human part.

What follow that question is exactly the sort of tax-time headache that is like a sledge hammer swung to the side of the cranium during a migraine. The writer details how his tax preparer but the wrong name and account details on his tax returns, which resulted in his sizable 4 grand refund being deposited to the wrong account. Both the bank and the IRS swear off responsibility, while some anonymous joker starts spending his way through someone else’s tax return.

The lesson here? You’re supposed to sign your tax return before your preparer submits it, to catch errors like this. If your tax preparer doesn’t make you do that crucial step, he’s breaking the law, and you might be well on your way to watching your hard-earned bucks evaporate into the ether.

Is my bank account filled with kryptonite? [Ask Metafilter]

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