Swiss Air Price Efficiency Like Broken Cuckoo Clock

Has Swiss International Airline been snorting fermented milk-maiden lactate?

    “Dear Consumerist,

    Imagine my surprise when I tried to book a one-way flight from Berlin to Zurich using Swiss International Airlines ( for the 18 April (that’s next Tuesday) and discovered that they are charging the extortionate amount of $779.12 Imagine my further surprise when I discovered that if I book a return flight using the same departure date, it costs “only” $484.87.

    Now, apart from the extortionate cost, considering this particular route couldn’t possibly be under-subscribed, the idea that effectively throwing away a flight from Zurich to Berlin saves me nearly $300 is absolutely outrageous. This is the sort of business practice I would have expected in 1996, before the advent of Low Cost Carriers, but certainly not nowadays.

    The only question which remains now is which train route I’m going to take.



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  1. Hawkins says:

    In my country, we have an old, old saying:

    Who among us can make a logic out of airline tariffs?

  2. Felix says:

    This is old as the hills. There are discount fares on return trips, there aren’t discount fares on one-way trips. So sometimes return trips will be cheaper.

  3. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    When I lived in charlotte the airline would often pay me to fly through greensboro. Example, a flight from Charlotte to DC,$800. A flight from Greensboro to DC that connects in Charlotte, $350. Yes they were so keen on letting me explore the wonders of the Greensboro airport that they would pay me $450 to do it. I was also warned that if I um like ditched the plane in Charlotte on my way back that I’d go on a list. Really, a list.

  4. Jesse in Japan says:

    When I was looking into airlines for a flight to Japan I was told that if I insisted on buying a one-way ticket, I would have to pay at least 1,400 dollars. I was told this buy two different travel agents and the fares I saw on the internet confirmed this. I was then told that I could buy a round-trip ticket for about 800 dollars. I was technically emigrating, so there was no need for a return ticket, but I found a round trip ticket for about 800 dollars and bought it. Actually, in retrospect I wonder why the hell American Airlines didn’t think it was suspicious that I not only never showed up for my flight home, but never even contacted them about. Perhaps they assumed I was dead.