Swiss Air Price Efficiency Like Broken Cuckoo Clock

Has Swiss International Airline been snorting fermented milk-maiden lactate?

    “Dear Consumerist,

    Imagine my surprise when I tried to book a one-way flight from Berlin to Zurich using Swiss International Airlines ( for the 18 April (that’s next Tuesday) and discovered that they are charging the extortionate amount of $779.12 Imagine my further surprise when I discovered that if I book a return flight using the same departure date, it costs “only” $484.87.

    Now, apart from the extortionate cost, considering this particular route couldn’t possibly be under-subscribed, the idea that effectively throwing away a flight from Zurich to Berlin saves me nearly $300 is absolutely outrageous. This is the sort of business practice I would have expected in 1996, before the advent of Low Cost Carriers, but certainly not nowadays.

    The only question which remains now is which train route I’m going to take.