‘I Love Baseball but Hate MLB.com’

We’ve received a couple of complaints about MLB.com’s billing service. People like Colleen and ‘Major Steel’ love being able to listen to home or away radio broadcasts of every game, live and archived, for fifteen bucks a season. What they abhor is their credit card being billed three times.

Or being automatically debited for a new subscription after they had already decided not to renew.

When they try to call in and get it resolved, the customer service line is always busy and/or hangs up on them. What’s the deal?

A lot of people over at Ad Pulp have struck out with MLB.com as well.
UPDATE: Deadspin’s got complaints, too.

If these allegations are true, they are illegal billing practices.

If you feel you’ve been victimized by MLB.com, file a complaint with the Beter Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.

Here’s the owner’sa guy who will resolve your billing complaint’s a contact info, not found on their website:

MLB Advanced Media, L.P.
75 Ninth Avenue
5th Floor
New York, New York 10011
Phone Number: (212)485-3182


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  1. Andrew W says:

    They totally tried to rebill my card after not telling me last year it was an automatic renewal. Fortunately I was no longer using the card I had used last season. Look how they bury the message in the third ‘graph of this note I received in February:

    Dear MLB.com Gameday Audio Subscriber:

    LIVE baseball is back for the 2006 regular season on
    MLB.com Gameday Audio, and this year’s subscribers will
    experience baseball as it’s never been experienced before.
    For starters, listen live to all 2,430 games online,
    LIVE or on-demand, at the same low rate as last season —
    only $14.95 for the entire season.

    Your subscription has more live baseball than ever
    before, including live Spring Training and World Baseball
    Classic games. From March 3-20, tune in as 16 teams from
    16 countries compete for the championship. To access
    games, go to WorldBaseballClassic.com and use your
    MLB.com user name and password to log in and enjoy this
    international event.

    There is no action required to continue your subscription.
    The credit card you have on file with us will be
    automatically billed beginning in mid-March. If you have
    any questions about your subscription, please e-mail MLB.com
    Customer Service at customerservice2@website.mlb.com.

    What’s particularly underhanded about this is that I never signed up with MLB.com for my Gameday Audio. I signed up for a free trial to Sports Illustrated, a perk of which was Gameday Audio. If Gameday Audio was free, why was Sports Illustrated sharing my credit card information with MLB.com?

  2. officedrone4 says:

    so happy to see this on here as I was having this issue yesterday.

    bad mlb.com

  3. Kevin Meyers says:

    Funny, I just started having issues with Gameday Audio yesterday. After listening to a baseball game every day last week, now the system doesn’t seem to recognize me as a subscriber. When I log in to the Gameday Audio section, the web site tells me to buy another subscription.

    Ironic, because the New York Times just did a puff piece on how MLB.com is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Maybe they’re getting a little bit full of themselves over there at MLB Advanced Media.


  4. Andrew W says:

    And their still doing it. In signing back up for Gameday Audio, they’re shunting folks into a package to get three months of Sports Illustrated free–no doubt with a barely noted automatic renewal after those three months.

    When did MLB.com become a porn site?

  5. DirtyJersey says:

    I got the same email as Andrew (having switched banks recently) and I responded to them saying that I was not planning to renew and if they happened to charge any other cards they have on file for me (like MLB Shop, or any tickets orders I’ve placed) they’d be hearing from the Better Business Bureau.

    It also skeeves me a bit that I pay for XM radio, partly because of MLB, and MLB Extra Innings, and when I called MLB.com to see if they would give me a break on Gameday Audio, I was basically told tough noogs.

  6. Clare says:

    Hey, Consumerist editorial types, a question from another editor type: Where’d you find that contact info? Did you do a Register.com WHOIS search? Just curious.

  7. Ben Popken says:

    Found in the AdPulp comments thread, scroll to the bottom.

  8. Crissy in Honolulu says:

    I haven’t had too much of a problem (yet) with the Gameday Audio, other than that my credit card could not be automatically billed because the one I used last season expired last December, and they have no means by which you can enter a new expiration date on the card for your account — I just had to wait until my account expired, then sign up all over again. The customer service people were very nice about the whole thing, though, in my experience.

    It’s been a few years since Major League Baseball implemented this whole policy about how you can only listen to the games via Gameday Audio and no longer through the Internet streams of the radio stations that carry the broadcast signal. It’s been so long, in fact, that I’d forgotten how ridiculous it is that we even have to pay for this at all. It’s as if we’re being penalized for not being able to listen to a baseball game because we’re in buildings that block out AM signals, or, better yet, because we live somewhere else. That’s what the Internet was supposed to be for, and it was great until MLB.com started charging for it.

    And don’t even get me started on MLB Shop. They will ship to a Hawai’i P.O. Box for the regular shipping charge, but if you want something delivered to a street address out here, you have to pay extra for 2nd Day Air. If they can deliver via Priority Mail to P.O. Boxes, where’s the logic?

  9. Ben Popken says:

    Jennifer writes:

    “i can’t comment – since you won’t let me. but i wanted to tell you/thank you for providing jim gallagher’s email/phone number – which i see has now been changed – as a person to contact regarding mlb.tv service at advace media . like many others – i had putrchased an mlb.tv package and had watched several games on it only to try to log on for the opener at fenway and was unable to log in and prompted to buy another subscription package instead. it was terrible adn frustrating and thankfully i found the contact info for advance nmedia on your site. i called jim gallagher directly and he helped me out and had my subscription back up in under 10 minutes. so i wanted to say thanks for posting this and also wanted to encourage people if they have problems to call the contact info you provided – i guess jim doesn’t want to be the go to man anymore as the conatct info has changed – and speak with bob and they will hopefully handle your problem as quickly adn efficiently as they handled mine. calling the 1-866-800-1275 number that mlb.com has on it’s site is absolutely useless.”

  10. BethanyBluebird says:

    A bunch of thieves… mlb.com billed me two months after I cancelled my subscription. Not cool. I am now lost in a maze of emails asking to connect to a website for which I have no log in information. this is ridiculous.

    By the way, jim.gallagher@mlb.com gets fatal errors. No long er valid.