Time to Human, Airlines, Day 1

The statistics train keeps on rolling. We called up many major airlines this afternoon and here’s how long it took for them to pick up.

What are they doing over at Midwest? Browsing amongst the corn rows? We wonder.


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  1. buck09 says:

    Midwest has been having problems with their checkin kiosks for the last few days.

    As an airline, they pretty much make the usual favorites (Southwest, JetBlue) look like Afganistan Air.

    If you’ve ever flown them, you’ll know what I mean. (Can you smell the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies??)

  2. Indeh says:

    I fly Midwest regularly and have never had a problem with them. In fact, I dread the occasion when I have to fly with another carrier. The first-class-throughout seating makes all the difference. The cookies aren’t bad, either.