HOWTO: Turn the Shopping Mall into a Nativist Paradise

A panel from an instruction manual on creating a Shangri-La within the shopping mall. As the video game Civilization taught us, all revolutions undergo a period of chaos and anarchy, also known as “the fun part,” illustrated below.

After that, the recidivist Eden.

The image appeared in a pamphlet surreptitiously distributed at a shopping mall. The project is the work of Packard Jennings. His latest project, done in the style of an instruction manual for mail processors (think “Business Reply Envelope” sifters) for inducing a utopia in their workplace, needs your donation of business reply envelopes. You can send them care of the Catherine Clark gallery, where the work premieres this Thursday, April 6, from 5:30-7:30pm in San Francisco.

Packard Jennings at Catherine Clark Gallery, SF [StayFree!]

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