$5M Starforce Class Action Lawsuit

Hate Starforce? Want to sue them? Well, Christopher Spence has already done it on your behalf. Christopher has filed a $5M class action lawsuit against Ubisoft for using Starforce DRM in their games, and if he wins, you’ll be entitled to collect if you’ve ever had your system infected by Starforce.

Chris’ complaint? From the class action complaint itself, filed on March 24, 2006:

Starforce DRM can compromise Windows operating systems’ security. Any virtus or trojan can control a computer by and through the Stareforce DRM installeed on the computer, despite the security measures taken in newer versions of Windows.

Users receive no notice that removing Starforce DRM is necessary to prevent possible security compromises on their computer systems. Worse, removal of a Starforce Title does not always remove Starforce DRM software.

We’re glad to see someone actually try to press this in the court system, although we’re disappointed that this lawsuit is against Ubisoft and not Starforce themselves. However, if successful, this will demonstrate to other companies what a legal liability employing Starforce DRM in their software can be. Let’s hope this turns out for the best.

Starforce Class Action Lawsuit (Thanks, Ethan!)
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