• Another reason not to terminate your sofa indentation sculpting project, MLB Extra Innings channel said to be free to most cable/satellite customers this week.
  • Free download of Microsoft’s Virtual Server 2005 R2 Enterprise Edition. The hidden cost is using it.
  • launches, offering shoppers an inside cut of the affiliate fee action, plus the usual referral percentage stuff. We’re encoded with a behavioral conditioning so that every time we hear Pavlov’s bell ring, we think of Ponzi…
  • Mc Donald’s Sweden is holding a design competition for its coffee cups. [via]. We’re going to make ours look like Gustavus Adolphus!
  • It’s a crack in the screen. No, it’s a hair. Guess which of these statements belongs to the Indian tech support.

(Thanks to Kevin, Bill, Don, Christy & Warren!)

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