Cell Phone User Kicked Out Of Mall

A loud obnoxious woman on a cell phone was kicked out of a Kansas City, MO shopping mall for being a loud obnoxious woman on a cell phone.

Zekia Geotcha, a professional stylist with a name so implausible it just has to be real, was talking on a cell phone at the counter of Mirage Jewelry store when the clerk politely informed her that he wouldn’t serve her until she hung up her phone. The article doesn’t really say, but from just how obnoxious the woman sounds, we assume at this point she started hurling obscenities about and spouting off about her constitutional right to be a twat. Security was called and — rent-a-cops being rent-a-cops — they handled the situation in the least delicate way possible: forcibly ejecting her from the mall and threatening to throw her in jail.

Annoying stylists and power-tripping rent-a-cops. The only person in this story to whom we’re sympathetic is the clerk who asked a grating woman with unicorns painted on her acrylic fingernails to give him the courtesy of her attention while they transacted business. No customer is happy when a cashier rings rings you up when they are simultaneously chatting on the phone — it’s rude. Buying something is a two-way business transaction; consequently, employees deserve polite courtesy as much as you do when you’re actually in the midst of that transaction.

Woman kicked out of mall for cell phone [KSHB]

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