Zgallerie Zsucks

After all the hassle he went through in getting a mattress frame, Steve really doesn’t like the Zgallerie interiors store.

Maybe having to saw his own bed slats had something to do with it..

Steve writes:

    “I thought I’d share a little story of woe with you in hopes that no one ever shops at ZGallerie again. So my wife and I ordered a bed from this place. After shelling out 800 bucks plus 80 bucks for S&H, we were told the bed would arrive, be delivered to our house and assembled within a week or two. All fine and good, I thought.

    So the fateful day comes and our bed is delivered. A nice man comes over with the boxes and proceeds to assemble. Oh boy! Guess what? The frame is definitely the California king size we ordered, but the bed slats that support the mattress are apparently for an Eastern king and won’t fit. The guy says to contact the store and have them get it out asap and he would come back. He leaves the frame assembled, assuring my wife that he’d be back that day.

    Now at this point in time, my bedroom’s floor was entirely covered by the bed frame and the mattress was sitting outside of it since the guy didn’t want to break the bed down. The mattress was blocking my closet door and I couldn’t even get to my clothes without some serious gymnastics. I called the store (in Arizona) and explained the situation. They of course directed me to customer service in California, where I talked to a rather unhelpful bloke who seemed irritated at the situation. Not my situation, mind you…his having to deal with it. After much hemming and hawing, he proposed to overnight the slats (this is Friday); the order would go to the parts department for assembly, get shipped out Monday for arrival on Tuesday. Customer service guy seemed unconcerned and unapologetic.

    The whole next week went by and nothing. On the next Friday, I got word that the package had arrived. On the other side of town. Turns out they boneheadedly shipped the slats not to their delivery/assembly contractor, not to the shipping address, but to the billing address. I call the brick and mortar store…they said I’d have to pay to have the slats picked up from across town and delivered to my house. I called customer service. Their solution was to have someone on the other side of town overnight the package the 35 or so miles to my house (on their dime, but still, an asinine solution). They also credit back the delivery fee. At least it’s something. I end up driving across town myself, hoping to assemble the bed and restore my bedroom to its once pristine condition.

    I get the slats, bring them home, unwrap, try to lay across frame. Wrong size! Different size, mind you, but wrong nonetheless. I am incensed. That was Friday night. Monday morning, I call again.

    Of course I work with someone different…first guy being a dick and all. She is pleasant. Makes the same plans. Overnight, yadda yadda yadda. Right address this time. Should have it by Tuesday. Get the package Wednesday. Wrong size. Incredible.

    In a fit of productive rage, I went in my back yard, got out the sawhorses and cut those puppies down to size, re-drilled the holes and fixed the problem myself. ZGallerie’s solution was to try shipping them again, but after a couple weeks with a completely disheveled bedroom, I figured I had to take matters into my own hands rather than risk another parts department debacle (although the idea of them overnight another giant bundle of wood amused me). On the bright side, I scored a $200 ZGallerie gift card for compensation on top of getting my delivery charge refunded. Now I can have the privilege of waiting several more weeks for overpriced home goods.

    Isn’t my bed pretty?”


    “I recommend you stay away.



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  1. Lieslleary says:

    ZGallerie Furniture Came With More Than I Bargained For

    You think you’re getting a great deal on a hand-carved day bed crafted in exotic India and in fact, for $800 you are. What you don’t figure into the equation is how to explain to your 2.5 year old daughter that her “princess bed” is going to have to go away because it’s infested with wood-boring beetles. This is what happened to me when I bought the Java Daybed for my 2.5 year old daughter. When it arrived 2 months after I ordered it, everything was fine for a while and then I started noticing these weird bugs in her room. They looked like really big ants with square heads. We had stored her crib mattress under the bed and when we pulled it out, there were little mounds of sawdust on it. The bed turned out to be infested with wood boring beetles! When I called customer service complaining about termites, their management was all out to lunch. 4 hours later (they must get great perks at ZGallerie), they called me back and essentially said, “they’re not termites, they’re beetles. It happens sometimes overseas. Sorry. We won’t have another bed until October.” I will never ever purchase anything from them again. Their customer service sucks and the furniture was not worth the headache of wood boring beetles. Oh, it also took them 5 days to pick up the bed after I called it in and the delivery memo said “This bed needs to be burned and pics of the burned bed need to be emailed”. So, now I’m stuck with a very upset 2.5 year old humanoid and an appointment with the Orkin man. Think twice about foreign insects before purchasing from this company.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Z Gallerie should remove the words “customer service” from any and all of their content. It is an oxymoron. I’ve been dealing with the Boca Raton, FL store for the last three months on a $1500 table. I should have cancelled the order as soon as we called them 3 weeks after our approximate delivery date and they told me it was backordered. Since then it has been one bad turn after another. The sale has been saved three time, by me! No one from the local store, on up to the Regional Manager has made any effort to save the sale nor accommodate me in any way. This is the most nonchalant, non caring, non interested group of people I have ever dealt with in retail. Apparently this store doesn’t know that Z Gallerie recently closed 29 stores and they all think they’re indispensible. If customer service was as bad at those closed stores it’s no wonder. I won’t bore you with all the details of what went wrong, but I will tell you that returning the darn thing is not any better and it’s still in my garage taking up valuable space. Please, for your own sakes, stay away from Z Gallerie – Boca Raton.