UPDATE: Stolen FedEx Package

Last week, we wrote about a woman whose Tivo she ordered through HDEasy was missing from her doorstep after being delivered by FedEx.

Phonecalls to all the companies were fruitless.

She despaired.

Then her neighbor came home…

Clare writes:

    “I’ve been too embarrassed to send this, but I have an update on my “FedEx stole my Tivo” story of a couple of weeks ago. The children of my next door neighbor recently put her house up for sale, since she moved to a nursing home. But one son still uses her garage as a repository for his model trains (think Bobby Baccala.) The son was there the afternoon FedEx dropped off my Tivo, but he didn’t tell the driver, “I’ll sign for it.” From what I can figure out, the driver left the package, my neighbor took the box from in front of my house and put it in his garage “for safekeeping.” My neighbor then left the house, locked the garage, and didn’t come back for three days. He saw my dad in the driveway when he finally came back to play with his trains some more, and said all nonchalantly, “Oh, FedEx dropped off a package for you three days ago.”

    *facepalm* What if it had been something perishable, like meat, or insulin?

    So aside from my neighbor not telling us he had a package for us for three days, the story ends relatively happily. I called Tivo and FedEx and told them the package wasn’t stolen, just briefly kidnapped and returned unharmed. They closed the service tickets and I got to activating my Tivo service and setting the thing up (another headache, but one for a different e-mail.)

    Thanks again for running a great site, and take care.


Another Consumerist murder mystery solved. The amusement park is safe, kids. For now.

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  1. Papercutninja says:

    Damn neighbors. Perhaps a new blog should be set up called The Neighborist?

  2. As an apartment dweller, I’d love that. Except you’d see too many posts like this from me:

    “Day 47: It still smells like weed in the foyer”

  3. El Mystico says:

    I live in a residential neighborhood, and UPS has a very bad habit of mis-delivering packages to my neighbors. In the past two weeks, they have left one package on my next-door neighbor’s porch and another at the house with the same street number as my house, just one street up. Totally different street names. It was only expensive camera equipment, so no big deal.

  4. Crssy in Honolulu says:

    That happened to a friend of mine when FedEx left his new computer and monitor on his porch. Said friend works the night shift, so fortunately, his kindly neighbor took in the (very heavy) merchandise, valued at nearly $5,000 — hey, it’s Apple stuff, OK? — and called to let my friend know he was holding it for safekeeping. Craziness.

  5. chooki says:

    I second that on UPS misdelivering. I’ve had packages delivered to me for neighbors both on the same street, as well as adjoining subdivisions. I finish the job and take them by.

    I’ve also had UPS deliver my stuff to neighbors 10 doors down from me. It is always fun to call them and listen to them tell me that their tracking information is correct, that the pkg was delivered to my “porch”. (don’t have a porch).

  6. Kat2 says:

    When I had to ship my Gateway notebook (never again) to Texas for warranty work… on the way back, Airborne Express (Gateway’s choice, not mine) said they lost it.

    I spent 2 hours on the phone between AE and Gateway starting the claims process. The laptop showed up on my doorstep the next day at noon.

    What, did they think I wasn’t going to file a claim on a $2500 laptop?!

  7. crackblind says:

    I live in a double core building (ie one entrance, 2 different addresses) and inevitably when a sub delivery guy comes in, the package goes to the wrong side of the building. Usually no problem, as we are all used to it and we bring it over.

    However one time my friend was waiting for a package that was delivered w/o signature. It hit her what happened and when she went to check on it, the woman on the other side claimed ignorance with the box visible from the door.

    Needless to say a call to security was needed to sort things out.

    No help, by the way, from the delivery company (I don’t recall for sure which one it was).

  8. El Mystico says:

    The last time they misdelivered to me, UPS claimed on its web site that my package had been delivered to my “porch,” even though I had been home all day and had nothing. I reported it to their customer service within an hour of the supposed time of delivery cited on the web site. They said the driver would have to return the next business day and “retrace his steps.” It was a Friday, so I guess they assumed it would be OK, wherever it was, until Monday.

  9. Bubba Barney says:

    I loathe UPS. I live in a condo and work during the day. They always leave the sticky saying I have to sign for stuff.

    To try and get it re-delivered is a pain. Their customer service sucks and their store hours are inconvenient.

    I will only buy stuff from places that use USPS.

  10. benyka says:

    I live in a duplex and rarely have things delivered. I work an hour away from where I live and, thus, never even see my mail carrier. The few times I have gotten packages, my neighbor would call me and tell me they are at her house. I can just swing by and pick them up. This time, though, I broke my cell phone so the package I was waiting for contained my replacement phone. I got a tracking email saying the phone was left on my front porch. That was days ago. I haven’t seen it since. I’ve been knocking on my neighbors door for two days and she hasn’t answered. It’s not like I can call her!! I have no phone! On top of that, I left a note on her door, asking her if she had the package and if she did, if she could simply leave it outside so I could pick it up. She has since taken the note off the door, but I still have no package, no phone, and no more patience!!