UPDATE: Stolen FedEx Package

Last week, we wrote about a woman whose Tivo she ordered through HDEasy was missing from her doorstep after being delivered by FedEx.

Phonecalls to all the companies were fruitless.

She despaired.

Then her neighbor came home…

Clare writes:

    “I’ve been too embarrassed to send this, but I have an update on my “FedEx stole my Tivo” story of a couple of weeks ago. The children of my next door neighbor recently put her house up for sale, since she moved to a nursing home. But one son still uses her garage as a repository for his model trains (think Bobby Baccala.) The son was there the afternoon FedEx dropped off my Tivo, but he didn’t tell the driver, “I’ll sign for it.” From what I can figure out, the driver left the package, my neighbor took the box from in front of my house and put it in his garage “for safekeeping.” My neighbor then left the house, locked the garage, and didn’t come back for three days. He saw my dad in the driveway when he finally came back to play with his trains some more, and said all nonchalantly, “Oh, FedEx dropped off a package for you three days ago.”

    *facepalm* What if it had been something perishable, like meat, or insulin?

    So aside from my neighbor not telling us he had a package for us for three days, the story ends relatively happily. I called Tivo and FedEx and told them the package wasn’t stolen, just briefly kidnapped and returned unharmed. They closed the service tickets and I got to activating my Tivo service and setting the thing up (another headache, but one for a different e-mail.)

    Thanks again for running a great site, and take care.


Another Consumerist murder mystery solved. The amusement park is safe, kids. For now.

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