Phone Calls In India Lead To Horrific Death

Shades of Ringu! A mysterious rash of mobile phone calls from 14 digit numbers in Eastern India have the mobile-bearing populace panicked. Upon receiving a call from a caller who is rumored to be Satan himself, those who answer are finding themselves ill. Eyes-bleeding, vomiting up spaghetti-like entrails, their symptoms soon lead to sweet and merciful death, the hell to which they’re sent seeming like heaven compared to what has come before.

Of course, government officials are slow to recognize the existence of unthinkable paranormal horror. They claim that the calls are being made by companies with vested interests in selling anti-virus software for mobile phones. They also deny that anyone has taken ill or died. “It’s all rubbish,” they dismiss.

We’re not so sure. It’s not exactly like people dying because of cell phones is unheard of. Consider The Ring, in which a call on your cell phone results in an insect-like Sadako creeping out of your television in the middle of the night to strangle you. Or, in America, the time we beat that teenager clean to death in the local IMAX with one for making Jerky Boys phone calls during V For Vendetta.

Anyway, just a warning… count the digits of your incoming callers. That next incoming call could be your last.

Devil’ mobile phone calls spark panic in east India [Yahoo News]

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