Walmart Refuses to Sell ‘Sinful’ Purple Ribbon, Man Claims

Jon usually avoids shopping at Wal-Mart, but was blessed/cursed with a gift card. He wanted to buy some purple ribbon and use it to make a Mardi Gras chair. He claims Wal-Mart refused to sell him the ribbon for ‘moral’ reasons and escorted him out the store.

Quoting from memory, Jon says a Wal-Mart employee said, “Mardi Gras is about sex and debauchery! Women get raped in New Orleans!” as well as, “We feel that as a Christian Company it was inappropriate to carry things associated with morally corrupt themes.”

According to Jon, the Wal-Mart in question is the Liberty Wal-Mart Supercenter. Their phone number is (816) 792-4644.

A crafts department employee reached at that number said they indeed sold purple ribbon. A small roll can be had for $1.49.

The Wal-Mart [No-Coast Blog] (Thanks to Dave!)

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