HOWTO: Get the Landlord to Repair Stuff

Sometimes, you just can’t ever get the landlord to fix that refrigerator that keeps running…

As far as landlords go, we’ve been pretty lucky. Probably the worst one we ever had kicked us out of downtown loft just because, get this, we threw a 500+ plus party in it and then called her up to get the maintenance man to take care of the beer spills in the stairs. Go figure.

But as readers of the bad landlord watch blog Trembicky know, this isn’t always the case. They point to a post on the Manhattan User’s Guide on what to do if your landlord is sucking major asbestos. We’re talking not making repairs, failing to provide services or there’s building code violations. More information about this filing of a Housing Proceeding here

There’s also this instructional video, amusing in its own decontextualized way.


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  1. thesilentnight says:

    My college roommate had a brilliant idea for fixing the ailing air conditioner in our apartment. From the outset of my senior year, the aforementioned air conditioner was, to put it politely, a fucking hunk of shit from the barbed bowels of Satan himself. Efforts to contact management for remediation were met firmly with the dark lord’s special blend of resistance. Choice words were in order but fortunately for me, Tomas was a collector of antiquities from a time of intimate violent expression and, dare I say, personal vendettas settled as men should settle them today. That’s right, a battle axe always solves an argument. Thomas downed a pint or four of his favorite lager, removed the axe from its hastily placed position as it had adorned nails in the dining room wall, and charged the courtyard for battle to certain death. The air conditioner stood fast as best it could, enduring the onslaught of successive strikes with a thorned temperament. In the end, Thomas remained and our last call to management was enough to declare victory. The technician arrived the following day and after prying free the protective exterior cover, he looked at us in a brand of bewilderment I will never forget, asking pointedly “What happened to the air conditioner?” Thomas causally replied “A few guys were playing football in the courtyard and I think one of them jumped into it.” Two days later, a new air conditioner was delivered and installed. Go figure.