You Can’t Really Love a Brand, Study Shows

It’s not only dogs, it turns out brands aren’t people either.

A new study shows that,

    “…the American public won’t really be “lovin” their meal at McDonalds, doesn’t actually believe Disneyland is “happy” and isn’t under the impression that United Airlines’ skies are all that “friendly.”

Researches used the same adjectives, like “sophisticated” and “warm-hearted” to talk about people as they did products. MRI scans showed that different sectors in the test subject brains lit up, medial prefrontal cortex for humans and left inferior prefrontal cortex for Starbucks, Wal-Mart, et. al.

The news strikes a blow to marketers as people are more easily bought than sold.

The Ad-Busting Brain [Seed via Adpulp]

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