Married Man Sues For a Date

Last month we wrote about a lady who was upset with, an online matchmaking service. L.D. spent over an hour filling out the in-depth personality profile, only to be told at the end that e-harmony doesn’t let people who are legally separated to use its service.

To vent her outrage, reader L.D. contacted customer service. John Claassen experienced the same discrimination and he’s fighting back Cali-style; suing for $12,000.

“If I had my druthers, I’d be divorced by now. I’m emotionally in a different state than I am legally,” the 36-year-old Emeryville lawyer said.

Imagine all the dates he can buy if he wins. Maybe we should hook him up with L.D.

Man sues e-dating service and there’s one hitch, he’s married [Ledger Enquirer via Fark] (Thanks to Thomas!)



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  1. Paul D says:

    A friend of mine is still technically married by sheer virtue of the fact that she and her “husband” simply cannot afford to get a divorce. They are separated. She is now dating, happy, and guilt-free.

    eHarmony is passing judgement on things they have no right to judge.

    That’s what happens when you let fundies run a company…

  2. AcidReign says:

    …..There are loads of “cooling-off” laws that delay divorces, as well as rules about not being able to get divorced while you are pregnant. And of course, the courts are overloaded and backlogged in most places!

    …..Divorce is hell on kids. Don’t have them until you are sure you can stick around through the whole raising process! Divorce is not a bad thing, otherwise. If your spouse turns out to be a turd, I think you should be congratulated for dumping them!

  3. > eHarmony is passing judgement on things
    > they have no right to judge.

    So that’s how they got Focus On The Family to support them:

    Of course, this means they really ought to let people say they want to search for same-sex partners, then redirect ’em to the nearest “ex-gay” group.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Am in the same situation as two of the above commenters. Have just spent ages filling in E-Harmony’s questionnaire only to be told I cant join because I am separated. I can’t afford a divorce either. It is definitely discrimination as not only do my husband and I live apart, I am shortly due to move to a different country! CMJ

  5. Playfulscribe says:

    The issue here is that eHarmony misled me and I am sure, thousands of other unsuspecting ‘separated’ individuals. That eHarmony lured us in by having a box to check that clearly states “separated” as a status and then unceremoniously rejects us after we have spent some real emotional energy filling out their personality profile is unconscionable. I respect the desire of any dating site to enforce their rules, as long as it’s clear.

    I sent eHarmony an email stating my astonishment, I have asked that they remove me from their data banks. I also mentioned that they are ripe for a class action.

    L.D. if you are out there (here) I salute your efforts.

    My question is, why the bate and switch? What is eHarmony really after? Now they have my IP information and so much more, and I do not like it. Oh and PS… my personality said I was, “Agreeableness” :)