“Who have You Exploited Today?”

Beat kids! Kids on the beat! This young investigative reporter runs around to Wall Street denizens and asks them one simple question.

(Thanks to Aoife!)

Season One of Wonder Showzen comes out on DVD tomorrow, March 28th and season 2 starts airing on MTV2 on March 31st. Read more. (Thanks to Justin!)


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  1. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    My answer would have been “Well, I haven’t exploited any six year-old children” while looking squarely at the producer of the segment, if he/she had the stones to go out into the field. Way to prove a point about exploitation and the general lack of self awareness requisite to be an MTV revolutionary. SUM41 is teh h0tz0rZ!!#!@

  2. RTFMPlease says:

    This is one the most twisted and brilliant shows ever created on television. I highly recommend it.

    As many have said before “it’s Sesame Street on acid”

  3. Bucky Turco says:

    Yeah at first I thought it was funny but as soon as I thought about it, I was kind of like, who the hell is MTV kidding? They exploit just as bad as the best of them. Also, when I clicked through to the MTV2 site and saw the “Go Army” button ad, the hypocrisy just jumped out and bit me like a two headed dog.

  4. Anabelle says:

    How very Michael Moore-ish. But even more contrived.

  5. The Unicorn says:

    Say what you will about MTV, exploitation, and hypocrisy — I’m with RTFM here. Wonder Showzen is some beautifully twisted comedy & I am super-psyched that MTV had the brains to order more episodes.

  6. AcidReign says:

    …..MTV, what happened to the music? They lost me when they canceled Headbanger’s Ball!

  7. Aoife says:

    Do you need a napkin to wipe the blood off your hands?