The Unintended Hilarity of Google Finance

Google recently unveiled Google Finance, an asskicking financial service website with all sorts of neat stock tracking tools. One of the features is that when you type in a company name or part of a company name, or a phrase found in news about that company, and it brings up that company.

The organic language parser can generate some intriguing results. For example:

Down Low” (as in this kind of down low)
The Pope of the Government

(Thanks to Scott!)

UPDATE: Instead of doing work today, Matt found us a few more:
“Children Labor”
“Robot Human”
“Your Mom”


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  1. loudguitars says:

    Heh, the first one in particular reminds me of a jab the Simpsons took at Fox while Homer is using a voice response system to check stock prices:

    Homer: Animotion
    [Voice]: Animotion – up 1 1/2.
    Homer: Yahoo!
    [Voice]: Yahoo – up 6 1/4.
    Homer: Huh, what is this crap?
    [Voice]: Fox Corporation – down 10.

  2. Michael says:

    I found another!

    “You shouldn’t buy ….”