Morning Deals Round Up

• Today’s Woot! is a pair of fancy-schmancy Bluetooth phones for $65, which integrate with your PC, PDA, or cellphone to do…things. Marvelous things, like unto a regular cell phone. In fact, why do you still have a landline?

• Circuit City has the TechBargains]

• It’s not online, but if you’ve got a CompUSA in the area, they are selling the Nokia HS-26W Bluetooth headset for 20 bucks. Bluetooth really is nice, so if your phone supports it, we’d say it’s worth the $20 (but call for availability first).

Update: Reader Jenifer writes, “My boss went to CompUSA to purchase the Nokia headset for $19.99 and when he got it back to the office, it had the an incompatible charger. He contacted the store and they investigated. They found out that their entire shipment (which consisted of about 6 remaining headsets) had the wrong charger. Maybe this is why CompUSA is trying to get rid of the headsets?”

• Reader ‘mactbone’ writes: “I bought the complete Mr. Show DVD Set and even though it said $66.00 on the tag it was only $39.99 when they rang it up. Maybe there’s some special promotion that they forgot to promote? Anyway, I feel like I cheated them.” He’s talking about Best Buy, here.

Highlights from Dealhack

Slingbox Personal Broadcaster $200 & ships free at CompUSA

CyberHome DVD Recorder only $85 at

60% off Magicolor 2430DL Color Laser Printer: now $200 at Staples