Hell Hath no Fury Like a Dell Scorned

Wow, this is positively gaytarded. But before you bust out your effete stilettos to slit our fingers over such a egregiously offensive remark, hear us out. We believe you’ll find its usage warranted.

Kate bought two desktops from Dell and also asked for “something to link them.” Dell supplied the computers… and a server.

After speaking to a more tech savvy friend, she learned all she really needed was a cable. Her company has only two employees. When she asked Dell for a refund, they refused. Last week, a Dell “EMEA customer relations executive” sent her this email:

    “We have followed up internally by checking our records, and have discussed this matter with the sales person concerned.”

You know it only gets better after that… after the jump…

    “It is our understanding that the sales conversation was clear, and full and included a discussion about providing a solution that would allow for system growth in future. The solution proposed therefore seems to have been a reasonable one, and the purchase seemed to be an informed one, so we see no reason to cancel the order.

    “We regret that your experience seems not to have been positive, and we respect your right to pursue this matter further.

    Our position remains as stated above.”>

That position would be known as “top,” as in “bending you over the desk and slapping your flank while you scream Daddy! Daddy!”

Dell Stands by Server Order [The Register] (Thanks to Joel!)

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