Don’t Get Drunk in Texas

Texas bar patrons may have more than a dirty glass or a saloon shootout to watch out for. A new program sends undercover agents into watering holes to arrest drinkers for being drunk.

The first sting was held in a Dallas suburb where operatives penetrated 36 bars and handcuffed 30 people for public intoxication, said the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission spokeswoman Carolyn Beck.

Being in a bar does not exempt one from the state laws against public drunkenness, said Beck.

“We feel that the only way we’re going to get at the drunk driving problem and the problem of people hurting each other while drunk is by crackdowns like this,” she said.

“There are a lot of dangerous and stupid things people do when they’re intoxicated, other than get behind the wheel of a car,” Beck said. “People walk out into traffic and get run over, people jump off of balconies trying to reach a swimming pool and miss.”

She said the sting operations would continue throughout the state.

A local cowboys interviewed said, “It’s a shame, a darn shame. Guess we jes gonna haf to ‘treat back to Brokeback Mountain to get some peace n’ quiet.” The ranchand looked towards the foothills. He took a chaw off the hay stalk gripped between his teeth. After a spell, he added, “I won’t quit you, Jim Beam.”

Texas Arresting people in Bars for Being Drunk [Reuters]


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  1. CatMoran says:

    wtf? Are they doing this with the consent of the bar owners?

  2. Paul D says:

    And yet marijuana is illegal…

    Seriously though. Does anybody think this would have flown 10 years ago? Methinks not.

  3. non-meat-stick says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs when a man can’t get drunk in public in Texas.

  4. AcidReign says:

    …..I find this astounding. This is the state I drove through a year and a half ago, and you could buy an ice-cold quart bottle of beer at many gas station near Lufkin for 89 cents!

    …..You have to chug a quart beer in Texas pretty quickly, or it will get hot. It goes together rather nicely with the 70 MPH speed limit on U.S. Highway 59! Of course, that “speed limit” is only a suggestion. You will get your doors blown off by most passing cars if you actually set your cruise at 70…

  5. The Comedian says:

    They pulled this crap in northern Virginia (not to be confused with actual Virginia, which is part of the South) a few years back.

    (Original source articles long since gone, but my post on this is here.)

    The Fairfax County cops were going into bars, looking for people whom they thought were drunk, dragging them outside for a breathalizer (even though Virginia state law has no BAC standard for non-driving drunkness), and arresting people who blew too high a number.

    They even arrested one office party attendee while he was belting out karaoke tunes while in a Santa suit.

    Yes, Virginia, there was a Santa cause of action.

  6. Bubba Barney says:

    That’s Texas for you. I just hope other states don’t follow suit. So I wonder if you were having a small houseparty, if the cops could search that in Texas?

  7. christy says:

    “people jump off of balconies trying to reach a swimming pool and miss.”

    First it’s getting drunk in a bar, and then they’re going after the producers of America’s Funniest Home Videos.