Connecticut Blocks MySpace For The Children

Annoying internet fad provider is being asked to initiate measures so that parents can block the website from minors.

Why? As Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal wrote: “This site now exposes young people to a perilous cyber environment with people posting sexually explicit materials and looking for sexual relationships. In fact, children can still view pornographic images, links to X-rated web sites, ‘clubs’ involving adults seeking sexual encounters and webcam sex for sale offers. I ask you to adopt my proposed steps immediately even as you develop new technology offering better protection.”

Right, Dick — what you’re describing there is called the Internet. Although actually, we’re completely on board with Blumenthal’s proposal to block the website from minors. Now if only someone would start legislation to block it from adults as well.

Connecticut Asks MySpace to Provide Blocking Software [Consumer Affairs]

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