BUY: Pre-Pixelated Threads

Buy some sweet pre-pixelated shirts and caps. Standard Cafepress rates apply ($19.99-$29.99).

Handy if you’re on a reality show, live in a reality show dense area, or feel like making a fashion statement riffing off reality show ubiquity.

We’re all the stars of our own reality show.

Whoa. Deep. Who cares. It’s a cool shirt idea that stands out in the tweenage wasteland of surplus screenprint lookalikes and decontextulaized ironica. (Thanks to Sean!)


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  1. Clampants says:

    These are so fantastically cool.

    Do they sell blurry, flesh-colored speedos? No, never mind.

  2. AcidReign says:

    …..If you find a good Speedo site, pass it on. I haven’t bought one in a couple of years. They want you to wear droopy knee-length drawers that hang off your ass, around here.

  3. OkiMike says:

    I like this idea, but I wonder if companies could sue if they find out that their logo is the one being pixelated.