The Consumerist Saves Lives

We’re glad when our efforts can bring joy to others.

Especially when that joy is meat based. We’re not talking about our editor’s special talent he busts out during interviews, we’re talking big, thick, juicy, dripping steaks. Danilo wrote in on the arrival of his Omaha steaks he ordered after our recommendation in the Morning Deals on March 14th.

Apparently, they look and taste salubrious. Read the happy consumer letter after the jump.

Danilo writes:

    “I could cry… because the execution is perfect. Lured in by your link to an amazing deal on some Omaha Steaks products ($200-worth of meat for $60) I promptly ordered a fine selection of steaks, beef patties, pork and frankfurters. This was last week. Yesterday, a Styrofoam cooler showed up, cheerfully delivered by UPS Dude.

    This foam treasure chest was bursting with carnivorous delights. The meat was still perfectly frozen, its temperature maintained by a large chunk of dry ice at the bottom of the cooler.

    The meat was delicious and remarkably well-priced. I marvel at the ability for it to have made such a journey and arrive at my home intact. Omaha Steaks has obviously invested a lot of time and money into the logistics of moving highly perishable product around — the tasty results really speak for themselves. I was initially hesitant to order meat in this way, but this is awesome stuff and I
    m completely sold. Thanks for the morning deals roundup, Consumerist!”

Aww. Pour some of that steak juice out on the curb and say, “This one’s for my boy, The Consumerist.”

Get the same tasty flesh deal here.

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