Tom Cruise Killed Mommy

Consumer Alert! Vitamins are not a good treatment for schizophrenia. In fact, they may lead sons treated in this way to stab their mothers seventy-seven times.

Jeremy was an untreated schizophrenic. He and his mother Elli were untreated Scientologists. Rather than commit Jeremy to psychiatric care, as Scientologists believe modern psychiatric medicine derives from an ancient alien civilization’s plot to drug and enslave humanity, Elli gave him vitamins.

The ad at left was published in the LA Weekly. provides a comprehensive overview of the events before and after the slaying, including source documentation. The website was created by Dave Touretzky, a Carnegie Mellon computer science professor who thinks Scientology is way gay.

Moral of the story: Flintstones aren’t good analogues for Aripiprazole. (Tip o’ the story hat to Scott!)

BONUS LINK: The release clause you must sign before joining the Scientologists, giving them the legal right to kill you.

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