Volkswagen GTI 2006: Turbo Testicles

Volkswagen has opted to remove billboards in New York, Los Angeles and Miami for the new GTI 2006 after Hispanics in the neighborhood found it either offensive or hysterical. The GTI’s slogan? “Turbo Cojones.”

Although English speakers use the phrase to refer to someone with a lot of daring, it apparently never lost its vulgar testicular association in the native Spanish. As Hispanics have been quick to point out, it’s direct English translation would likely be: “The New GTI 2006. Turbo Sweaty Nutsack.” Volkswagen insist they didn’t mean to offend anyone but merely meant the word to evoke a high-performance sports car.

Of course, what are turbo testicles, anyway? Those that do their job quicker than any other? Stangely, associating premature ejaculation with a particular brand of car doesn’t have us wanting to hop over to the VW lot and spend $20,000.

I mean, if that’s the message you want to get across on your advertising campaign, VW, just make Consumerist editor Ben Popken your new spokesman. Know what I’m saying?

Volkswagen Removes Billboards From 3 Cities After Complaints [Local6]

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