Trader Joe’s Lacks Team Spirits

The booze has yet to arrive at the new Manhattan location of Trader Joe’s, as shown in this photo sent in by honorary Gawker cub reporter Bucky Turco.

You’ll have to drown your sorrows in a bottle of exotic pickle brine instead, my friend.

The whole fuss about the new Trader Joe’s strikes us as a sort of “Star Belly Sneetches” affair. First the fad was staying in your apartment nest and ordering fresh direct, now we’re actually supposed to venture outside the apartment/subway/work-route radius, breathing fresh air and moving legs, in order to acquire our fresh produce?

Maybe this is like the first robin of Spring; New York City, on behalf of America, has truly won the war on terror, emerging like a dollar-drenched phoenix from the trade tower’s rubble, rubble that is now available on eBay.

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  1. nweaver says:

    Trader Joe’s isn’t just Sneeches: the quality is high and the prices are low.

  2. Hawkins says:

    Trader Joe’s (at least the ones in L.A.) tend to have very good prices for wine.

    The guy at Trader Joe’s explained it to me once. He said that their buyers like to approach a winery that they like and ask: “How much do you want for all of it?”

    They buy the entire output of some wineries for the current year, and maybe for the following year, too, so that the winery can fire their marketers and just make wine.

    I love Trader Joe’s.

  3. AcidReign says:

    …..If they had a Trader Joe’s in my state, they’d probably buy out Thunderbird or MD20/20! And damnit, my local Sam’s Club has stopped carrying Mondavi Napa Pinot! That means either I pay $35 a bottle at an upscale joint, or drink some KJ coastal clone. Sigh…

  4. nweaver says:

    AcidReign: Are you in a direct ship or a no-direct-ship state? If you are in a direct ship state, take a trip to Sonoma, taste a bunch of wine, and sign up for 2-3 wine clubs of the wine you like the best.

  5. Rick Dobbs says:

    Trader Joe’s CAN be a great resource. Most of the wines are decent though they can taste a lot alike. Definitely good for getting that table wine for those of you drunks who want to have a bottle a night.

    It’s a place to go and get *certain things.* Do not do your entire week’s worth of shopping at Trader Joe’s, you’ll just end up hungry.

    This does seem to be a girl’s place though. If you’re the pick-up-on-a-girl-at-a-grocery-store type, you’ve just struck gold.

  6. AcidReign says:

    …..Heh. No direct ship, but thanks anyway, nweaver! I found out just how backward my state was when I tried to get a case of Heitz Grignolino shipped in a while back! You can’t even have more than three bottles in the car in a lot of counties around here! And God help you if you’re stopped and one of them has already been opened!

  7. angelina says:

    wait–a bottle a night makes you a drunk??