Caption-It: William Shatner DVD Club Poll

Last week, The Consumerist got a new advertiser: The William Shatner DVD club. We felt there was something that they weren’t letting Captain Kirk say in the animated GIF and threw it out to you to come up with a caption.

Because Brownlee thought up the idea but Popken posted the invitation and is a pussy, we can’t decide who the winner is. We know how much you crazy kids like polls so let’s decide humor and wit by popular vote, milking old Shatner until his teat is Sahara dry.

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Did we mention the winner gets a free Gawker T-shirt? That raises the stakes a bit. Come to think of it, we should give the winner of the Worst Company in America poll a free t-shirt… Though, we’re not sure if we have anything large enough to cover their ignominy.

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