SayWA The Fuck?

Washington State — unhappy with the stalwart, imperative “Experience Washington” — have changed their advertising slogan to “SayWA: The Sound of Jaws Dropping.” You said it.

A slogan eighteen months and 32 marketing geniuses in the making, the SayWA website describes the new slogan thusly: “SayWA is a distillation of the sense of wonder that comes with discovery. It describes the moment when an experience becomes emotional. Where the traveler is no longer an observer, but a participant. The SayWA moment.”

The Seattle Times piece also has this wonderful quote from a Washingtonite: “Thirty-five years ago I smoked dope and probably could have come up with something like that.” And John Browlee of Dublin, Ireland commented: “This is like a year and a half Washington, D.C. initiative ending in the slogan ‘Say Dick.'”

Brows furrow over tourism slogan [Seattle Times] (Thanks, Media Orchard!)

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