Consumer’s Guide to Dublin Prostitutes

In honor of St. Patty’s day, we present our Gawker bro Gridskipper’s guide to getting your wick dipped in Dublin. [NSFW links]

Quoth: “It is relatively safe and easy to arrange an affordable and enjoyable sexual encounter in Dublin if you are willing to do a little research before you arrive.”

We advise that the safest and most affordable way, though not necessarily the easiest, to arrange a sexual encounter is to meet somebody you like and get to know them better. But we digress. Back to the hookers, after the jump…


  • Arrange an appointment before you arrive.
  • Prospects include the independent ladies of Irish Escorts (such as Svetlana above) or the Dublin section of Irish Independent Escorts. And Escorts Ireland is a specialized message board that should help you gather any information or advice you might need.
  • Sex in Dublin gives details of the Dublin streetwalking scene, as well as some details about the various laws dealing with prostitution in Ireland.
  • Check your date’s online reviews to see if the woman you are interested in has been positively reviewed by other visitors.
  • Instead of taking the girl back to your hotel room, as over-enthusiastic night managers may go to extreme lengths to scuttle your plans, arrange an in-call appointment at the girl’s apartment.
    If you do bring her back to your room, it’s helpful to arrive before 10pm and if your paid companion is visually presentable as a
    rather than as a contestant in a Rocky Horror costume competition.

  • Alternatively, the upscale club scene is represented by Stringfellows in Parnell Street, about 200 meters from O
    Connell Street.

Liberally remixed from Irish Sex Trade Boom [Gridskipper]

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