Bettie Page, Where Did You Get that Inflatable Monkey?

The latest New York Times Magazine informs us:

    Agent Provocateur briefs: $100. At Agent Provocateur. Amato gloves. Wolford stockings. Tuart Weitzman shoes. Bra from the film “The Notorious Bettie Page.

But in a disservice to its readership, fails to mention where we can get the inflatable monkey or inflatable dolphin.

Big version after the jump. Because The Consumerist cares.

UPDATE: Reader Fairytale of Los Angeles has gone and found both the monkey and the dolphin. Thanks. Now all we need is a Bettie Page lookalike and we’re ready to go. Where? To hell.



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  1. Fairytale of Los Angeles says:

    Well, I would probably go to Monkey Goods for the monkey, although they’re sold by a lot of other sites (you’re looking for a 23″ Inflatable Monkey).

    The dolphin looks like this Intex model, based on the tiny shot of the box, but I haven’t seen any *other* Intex inflatable dolphins that resemble it. Curious.

    …I just spent way too much time investigating that.