The Kid From Brooklyn on The Rising Price of Sex, or “A Slow News Day”

It’s a slow news day. Prematurely celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Ben is drunk. Meanwhile, Brownlee has discovered with a dawning sense of horror that after years of living in Ireland, he is incapable of getting drunk… the font that inks his pen, the mucus that lubricates his Muse. As the world and Boing Boing watches, we find ourselves abashed and silent.

Luckily, The Kid From Brooklyn never finds himself short on words apropos. O! Our readers! Sit back and let The Kid From Brooklyn regale you, with tales of what once was… and what, in Xanadu, might yet be once more.

His subject? One after our consumerist hearts. We give you the Kid from Brooklyn upon… the rising price of prostitutes today.

The Kid’s vocabulary in this entry is remarkably worksafe. But, as usual, he is very loud.

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