Frequent Flyers Can’t Get Seats

Consumer Affairs has an article up, detailing the airline industry’s attempts to severely limit Frequent Flyers’ ability to cash in their miles for seats.

Apparently, it has become markedly more difficult to trade your Frequent Flyer miles in for free seats. Not only do the airlines claim that they can’t spare the seats anymore due to demand from paying passengers and soaring fuel costs, but they have doubled the amount of miles required to secure a free ticket.

They have some tips on how to still cash-in your Frequent Flyer miles successfully, although these tips seem to be less on how to get the airlines to give you a seat and more on how to successfully rout your trip months in advance through Buttfuck, Nowhere.

This is something we’ve been considering a lot lately: consumers expect cheap airfare, yet airlines can’t seem to turn a profit despite the fact that there are more people flying than ever before. In this case, airlines are crunching down on the perks they grant to loyal, repeat customers to make ends meet. Does anyone have any thoughts on alternative ways airlines could increase their profitability while not screwing over customers? We’d be interested in hearing them.

Frequent Flyers Face Frustration [Consumer Affairs]


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  1. Mmmm… Southwest Rapid Rewards

  2. Nick says:

    How about simply raising prices until they’re at a point where they can actually make ends meet?

  3. Best Southwest Rapid Rewards Set-Up Ever:

    Fly four roundtrips over the course of a school year (Detroit-St. Louis) at the $39 fun fare per trip.
    Use resultant free roundtrip to go St. Louis to New York and back.

    The cheapest flight to or from New York is $150. That means that I’m getting almost double the airfare for the money. :)


  4. PS

    I’m clearly a dumbass who hasn’t booked his own reservations in years. I just checked and the rates I thought I was getting are woefully out-of-date. When did they bump the prices?


  5. OkiMike says:

    Obtaining international flights using FFM is easier than domestic. So keep saving! What is it, like 85,000 miles for a free internationa ticket these days?