Dildos Still Illegal To Sell In Mississippi

Bad news for the loveless or those who have to endure the unskilled, pedestrian gropings of their lovers in Mississippi: selling sex toys is still illegal.

There was some hope that this morally-pompous Mississippi law banning the sale of sex toys to consenting adults would be successfully challenged by a lawsuit brought to federal court in 2004, arguing that the ban on sex toys violated your right to free speech. That lawsuit has now been overturned.

We don’t want to side with some asexual Mississippi prude on this, but unless you’re Chatterbox, what you do with your penis and vagina doesn’t technically qualify as speech, no matter how absurdly large the device you insert into it is.

But likewise, a dildo’s not likely to hurt anyone… making this law less about public welfare and entirely about denying customers a legal product based upon the prudery of a powerful minority.

Fifth Circuit upholds dismissal of sex toy law challenge [Clarion Ledger]


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  1. airship says:

    I know there are some prudes out there who DO obsess compulsively that someone somewhere might be having some fun with their own body, but somehow I think this is more about having scads of sleazy sex shops open up in residential areas, thus scaring the kiddies and grandmas. And I can’t really say that I blame them much. There is something extremely distrubing about having to drive past a shuttered store with peeling paint, a neon sign that flashes SEX! SEX! SEX!, and grizzled old men skulking in and out at 3AM.

  2. AcidReign says:

    …..Alabama has a similar law, and yet… There is a shop selling all sorts of sex toys less than five miles from my house. They’ve only had one legal issue that I know of. The shop was opened in the former location of a restaurant, and the restaurant owner was too lazy/cheap to take down the great big billboard-like restaurant sign down from the roof. The sex-shop owners left the sign there, and the former restaurant owner HOWLED that the name was now being used for immoral purposes. The lawsuit was thrown out of court, though, when the sex-shop owner gave permission for the restaurant owner to come get the sign, anytime! The sign’s still there, of course, lights forlornly unlit. The restaurant owner probably also has rusting cars and washing machines in his yard.

    …..Under the law, it’s not a sex toy if it’s not being used for sexual purposes. Every item in the store has a little sticker on it that reads, “For novelty purposes only.” That, and an ID check at the door seems to have kept the law at bay around these parts… That, and it’s located in a retail district next to a bank and a strip mall.

    …..Dildoes can hurt. I saw an 18″ double model the size of a small baseball bat in New Orleans’ French Quarter once. I’d hate to get beaned by that sucker, but that would be preferable to actually having it used on me!

  3. GenXCub says:

    Didn’t it used to be the case that a waiver could be signed to show that you were using the dildo/inflatable sheep for educational purposes, and that satisfied the law? Don’t ask me why I know that… nothing to see here, move along…

  4. AcidReign says:

    …..Well, evidently USING them for sex purposes isn’t illegal, nor is owning them. Selling them AS sex toys is what the law forbids. It’s just a stupid law in general.

  5. OkiMike says:

    So buy them online from Georgia. Or go visit someplace across the border that can sell them.

    I imagine that there are plenty of alternatives to actual dildos anyway (certain veggies, police batons, what have you…).

  6. The scarier thing is that people in Mississippi haven’t figured out they can just order online, making the need for actual stores obsolete?

  7. “That, and an ID check at the door seems to have kept the law at bay around these parts..”

    Not to mention the two-week cooling-off period they make you go through while they run a dildo background safety check.