Dildos Still Illegal To Sell In Mississippi

Bad news for the loveless or those who have to endure the unskilled, pedestrian gropings of their lovers in Mississippi: selling sex toys is still illegal.

There was some hope that this morally-pompous Mississippi law banning the sale of sex toys to consenting adults would be successfully challenged by a lawsuit brought to federal court in 2004, arguing that the ban on sex toys violated your right to free speech. That lawsuit has now been overturned.

We don’t want to side with some asexual Mississippi prude on this, but unless you’re Chatterbox, what you do with your penis and vagina doesn’t technically qualify as speech, no matter how absurdly large the device you insert into it is.

But likewise, a dildo’s not likely to hurt anyone… making this law less about public welfare and entirely about denying customers a legal product based upon the prudery of a powerful minority.

Fifth Circuit upholds dismissal of sex toy law challenge [Clarion Ledger]

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